Landscape Design


Pippa de Leonardis, is a highly motivated designer and creative problem-solver. As Barefoot Design’s creative director, Pippa believes great design is vital, and that it’s not found in software. It’s a skilled trade, like any other. The work that we do is rooted in years of training and experience.

The fundamental difference between design and art is having a problem to solve

Whether its Landscape, Graphic or Interior Design there’s always an objective in design, while art can be successful simply for the sake of itself. Design has an audience, constraints, considerations, parameters.

At Barefoot Design we specialise in providing beautiful solutions

At Barefoot Designs, we specialize in the creation of beautiful and functional outdoor spaces, both residential and commercial, in the Niagara Region, and surrounding areas of the Golden Horseshoe, Ontario. From new property builds, back yards, front yards and site renovations, to planting plans, and everything in between, we design, create and deliver stunning landscape plans, at an affordable price, ready for you to enjoy.

If you are thinking about your outdoor living space, would like a garden designed. Or if you have a space that you think could do with a refresh, contact us for a unique and personalised experience.

Landscape design services offered. 

The aesthetics of a project are very important, there are also many practical concerns about the outdoor space that we can deal with: From the practical ‘use-of-space’ constraints, to outdoor features and structures, to tree and plant planning and maintenance.
At Barefoot Designs work closely with our clients, as we develop and refine ideas.

The Preliminary Landscape Concept Plan entails the most amount of work:

Firstly an onsite consultation, analysis of the site, photograph, record & measure the property.

Analyzing the situation: defining the problem, assessing the areas of concern, opportunities and constraints. Developing Ideas; finding solutions for solving the problem, selecting the best alternative. 

Drafting the Concept Plan: plotting the property to-scale, adapting the most appropriate design style, deciding where major features should go, selecting the hardscape features and elements, then indicating ‘soft-scape’ areas of plants and trees.

The Master Plan is an updated revision of the Preliminary Landscape Concept Plan, and is only necessary if you want to make major changes to the design. 

The detailed Planting Plan is the addition of rendered plants and trees, named, locations and quantities specified, and tagged on the Landscape Concept Plan

Consultations are for those who want a professional opinion or recommendation. Perhaps suggestions of what and where to place things. Maybe your garden needs a few fresh additions  Or perhaps you already have some ideas, but want to run them by a professional with an artistic eye to make sure your ideas will look right. That’s the time for a consultation. Contact me here to set up a time and find out more….

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